1979 Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 Restoration Project

Phase Nine


4rd June 2005 -The restoration continues. Clear coat is applied and looks fantastic, this is beginning to look like a real car.

By request, I am taking some pictures of the wiring system. here is the rear of the ACC system.


Picture of the engine bay, hard to tell that this car was once green

Look at the shine on that clear coat, breath taking.

This is a picture of the hood, i had to take a big step back so I don't spoil these pictures with the reflection of my ugly mug :-)

Another picture of the hood.

Picture of the left side profile of the car, I really cant wait until I start driving this, its going to really turn heads.

Again, I was asked about the color change and how it effected the engine bay, I thought I would take some pictures so that people could see for themselves.

A shot of the right side inner fender.

Inside too is nice and silver.

Picture of the rear of the car.

Can you believe that this quarter was in pieces only a couple of weeks ago?

A shot of the rear, right quarter.

Picture of the right side, a little dark in the picture

More pictures of the vacuum lines.

More pictures of the wiring

Again more wiring.

Next stage is re-assembly and the `addition of Euro bumpers that were purchased under pressure from certain members of the M-100 club. I am also adding Euro Head lights that I purchased back in January when I was looking at a crash damaged 450SEL for sale here in Atlanta in November 2004.


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